At TeraWulf, we know that having a meaningful ESG impact requires a 360⁰ view of how our business affects issues such as climate change, diversity and inclusion, health and safety, and community engagement. And we must always improve.

We evaluate each project and investment through TeraWulf’s proprietary ESG Matrix to ensure alignment of our physical footprint with our corporate values. Projects will be monitored based on key ESG performance metrics and receive scorecards to quantify performance and highlight areas for improvement and innovation.

TeraWulf’s ESG Matrix facilitates a comprehensive review of ESG factors throughout our project lifecycle:

  • Environmental

    • Environmental policies and management
    • Permitting and compliance
    • Emissions profile
    • Disposal liability
    • Resource efficiency
  • Social

    • Health and safety
    • Working conditions and human rights
    • Gender equality
    • Indigenous communities
    • Supply chain management
  • Governance

    • Board diversity
    • Board independence
    • Board processes and procedures
    • Anti-corruption
    • Tax strategy
    • Stakeholder engagement
    • Cybersecurity