About Us

TeraWulf represents a new paradigm for cryptomining, providing domestically produced Bitcoin by using more than 90% + zero carbon energy today. Our goal is that every kilowatt hour of energy we consume will come from a zero-carbon energy source.


We are developing and will own and operate fully-integrated Bitcoin mining facilities in strategic locations across the United States, generating attractive investor returns while providing sustainable benefits for our communities. Our industry leading development, engineering and energy markets expertise ensure we take the most efficient path from zero carbon electrons to cryptocurrency.

ESG-Dedicated Crypto Miner
Mining Capacity with Greater Than 23 EH/s by 2025
Mining Capacity in North America by 2025
Nuclear Powered Cryptomines
Nuclear Powered Cryptomines
Nuclear Powered Cryptomines
Hydro Powered Cryptomines
Nuclear Powered Cryptomines
Solar Powered Cryptomines

Mining Powers Bitcoin.
TeraWulf Powers 90%+ Zero Carbon Mining.